This is Business information content

This is our flagship study.
It considers all the content that clients buy.
It quantifies and forecasts 15 different information content types and examines spending and trends across 18 client verticals. It compares the strategies employed by different information firms.
It also includes the Research Ratings 100 – the top 100 information firms that clients are spending on.
It is the definitive view of the information market and is the essential guide to the bigger picture.
·         71 slides
·         The Research Ratings 100 – the top 100 information content firms
·         Forecasts for 2014 and 2015-18 CAGR
·         Segmentation of spend for 18 verticals by type of information
·         M&A trends, the top consolidators and sectors
·         Top 10 information providers for eight types of information
·         CEO strategies aggregated across the information sector
·         Evaluation of trends in emerging markets, social media, risk, M&A, private equity involvement
·         How firms add value; value chains and the progression to analytics and workflow

For a more detailed table of contents please click here.

Business information content; single user licence

Price: £1,995

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