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The market for financial markets information is one of the most developed in that the major competitors are primarily aggregators, defining the needs of their clients, building role-specific workflow and buying in the data to feed that workflow.
With Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg accounting for 42% of the market, financial markets information could be considered a “done deal”. It is anything but. The market is dynamic. In 2013 it grew by 4.3% with the faster growing sectors being credit ratings, indices and information for energy and commodities. Competitors are building role-specific workflow tools relevant to the “Google generation”, and expanding data sets to include different asset classes, geographies and information types.
Starting from content strength in news, FX and fixed income Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg have become aggregators par excellence. They have changed the nature of competition in financial markets information such that propositions are more aligned to job functions than in any other industry. This is where dashboards, workflow and analytics started.
For their part, Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg are actively diversifying, into financial services IT and governance, risk and compliance (TR) and into media and legal (Bloomberg).
We expect information market growth to drop over the short term. This is apparent in the flow through from subscription revenue. As market conditions improve, we expect growth to increase, underpinned by rising trading volumes, asset values and securities industry employment.
·         54 slides
·         Forecasts for 2014 and 2015-18 CAGR
·         M&A deals and trends
·         Product launch analysis
·         Strategic activity analysis
·         Revenues for top 50 financial information firms,
·         Market share analysis for top 10 information vendors in investment management, equity & derivatives trading, fixed income trading, FX trading and treasury, wealth management, energy & commodities trading, investment banking, corporate services, credit ratings, indices, independent research, stock exchanges
·         CEO strategy survey
·         Market segmentation by type of financial data, end user and geography
·         Trend and indicator analysis
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