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We have found ten different types of information firm providing services to healthcare firms; market research firms, medical publishers and consumer health websites to name but three. All of these vendors are attracted to this growing $23bn market, helped, not least, by regulatory stimulus and a will to make health systems more efficient.
Firms exposed to healthcare processes, IT and outcomes improvement did well in 2013 driven by the application of electronic medical records to healthcare systems and the continuing vigour to make healthcare ecosystems more efficient.
Firms exposed to pharmaceutical marketing budgets, in particular advertising, did worse, and are forecasting low single digit declines in 2014.
This is a growth market, and the more successful information firms are employing strategies that;
·         have a healthcare system cost saving proposition,
·         consider health outcomes,
·         address the connectivity of HC ecosystems, especially with electronic medical records,
·         deliver information to the point of care and/or mobile access.
2013 has been notable for an increasing trend of content firms to include a software proposition. Being inside the healthcare IT environment is a guarantee of future data. Over the past couple of years 50% of all healthcare information M&A deals have been IT related. A further 40% of deals have been in market research, STM/reference data and medical transcription acquisitions.
In this report we quantify the different sources of healthcare information and evaluate the way the market is evolving.
·         44 slides
·         Forecasts for 2014 and 2015-18 CAGR
·         M&A deals and trends
·         Revenues for the top 40 healthcare information firms, top 30 healthcare IT firms, top 10 medical decision support firms, top 5 medical transcription firms, and market shares for the top 10 consumer health sites and networks, top 10 group purchasing organisations, and the top 10 electronic medical record firms.
·         CEO strategy survey
·         Market segmentations by different type of healthcare information provider
·         Trend and indicator analysis
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