This is Legal & regulatory, accounting & tax information

This is another sector of information that is being transformed from a low growth publishing business into a redefined information sector based on job definitions of the client base.
Wolters Kluwer, Thomson Reuters and Reed Elsevier; “The Big 3”, have broadened the market to include workflow and software solutions for professionals and corporations, and other information sets such as news and technical information and practice management software and marketing services.
This information sector was worth $18.9bn in 2013. Nearly two thirds of this was legal and regulatory, but growth is higher for accounting and tax driven by increased spending on risk management and regulatory compliance.
Firms compete primarily on scope of information sets and functionality of platform. This is where most new competition is springing up, either as low cost alternatives or as new information sets. This new competition includes Google, Bloomberg (including its acquisition of Bureau of National Affairs), technology based solutions competing on superior search algorithms, university law departments and social media firms.
Products include paid-for reference content, B2B magazines, conferences, exhibitions, book publishing, workflow solutions, practice management software, and practice marketing software.
In addition, growth areas include fast growing emerging economies and governance, risk management and compliance solutions.
·         39 slides
·         Forecasts for 2014 and 2015-18 CAGR
·         M&A deals and trends
·         Revenues for the top 30 firms
·         CEO strategy survey
·         Market segmentations by product format, geography and end user
·         Trend and indicator analysis

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