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Research & advisory firms tend to be the information source of choice for industries that are developing rapidly, are hard to measure using other techniques and where a future point of view is critical. Technology (IT, software, telecoms) is the most obvious, but sourcing, healthcare and energy are also important. Information is paid for, rather than subsidised by advertising.
Information providers fall into two categories; single vertical and multi-vertical. Single vertical firms tend to focus more on advisory services with or without a deep data set. They target decision makers. Multi-vertical firms tend to provide less deep data but across many sectors. The product is a subscription and the client is a special or corporate library.  Some firms target job functions or “horizontals” and these operate in a similar way to single vertical firms.
The product and service offering is evolving way from generalist to specialist, and from report to advisory.
Sector growth rates reflect a sector weighting to the recovery in technology spending, the underlying growth in US healthcare information and the uptrend in global energy exploration and production spending.
Research & advisory firm growth strategies usually incorporate elements of;
·         reorganising and increasing the numbers of sales personnel,
·         redefining addressable markets,
·         dynamic delivery mechanisms such as dashboards and workflow solutions,
·         upselling with value added products and consulting services using senior personnel.
·         46 slides
·         Forecasts for 2014 and 2015-18 CAGR
·         M&A deals and trends
·         Revenues for the top 50 research & advisory firms, top 10 in technology, top 10 in sourcing and benchmarking, top 10 in energy, top 5 in healthcare, top 10 in other verticals, top 20 independent research firms.
·         CEO strategy survey
·         Market segmentations by verticals and geography
·         Other information competing with research & advisory services
·         Trend and indicator analysis
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