Why buy from Research Ratings?

Why buy from Research Ratings?

Specialists. We’re focussed on the business information market. Not media, not IT, not TMT, but business information. If you want to know something about the information business, in particular information content, our reports are comprehensive and relevant.

Up to date. Doesn’t matter when you buy, these reports are up to date. You can be assured that you are not buying a presentation that is a year old. See the date of the report on the order.

Forecasts. One year forecast, and a further 4 year CAGR. Our forecasts are proprietary and independent. Too many forecasts are aggregations of industry gossip which, in our view, defeats the value of a critical, objective and independent evaluation.

Data. We include more companies in our reports, more segmentations, more market indicators, as well as extras such as spending by vertical, geography, surveys etc. We don’t slice our reports by information set. You get it all in one place. Period.

Relevant. It may be hard to do given the number of private companies and level of aggregation, but we estimate relevant revenues for each company to give you a clearer view of market size and market share.

Slide deck. Our information is presented in slide format so that you can communicate them internally or absorb the information more quickly.

Practitioners. We have real world experience of running information companies. We know what it’s like to manage teams and try to win new business. We’ve all done it at some stage in our careers. We know the difficulties you face when pointing your sales and marketing resource at a prospect and say “find the budget and sell”. We try to make our products reflect this.

Vertical knowledge. We made our name by focussing on the characteristics of underlying verticals. By understanding them and the buying functions within we can relay how information is needed and used. We hope this is evident in our presentations.

Business models. We have a holistic view of information markets which translates into inter-segment comparison and knowing how competition will evolve in your sector. How many business models operate in your market?

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