Research Ratings

Research Ratings

Research Ratings is an advisory firm to market research, insight and information firms, in a market often labelled as business information content.

We help information companies understand their market and win more business from it.

We provide counsel in matters of strategy, operations, due diligence, investor relations, marketing, market research, and sales support.

We are practitioners. Many of us have started, grown and sold our own information businesses. We know what it takes to go through each stage of corporate development. We know the difficult trade-offs. We know what it takes to grow internationally, in different verticals. We know what it takes to list on a stock exchange, sell to a trade or an investment fund.

Our founder and CEO is Stuart Butler-Smith, a 25 year veteran of the information industry.

The foundation of our service is the "This is..." series of reports, sold on this website. They contain all of the market sizes, forecasts, market shares and strategy evaluations needed to underpin any market facing study.

Our reports are simple, and standalone. We try to provide as much useful information as we can on a particular information area, keep it up to date, and build on it. They are a reference tool for planning, for an investment case, or for just keeping up to date with industry developments. 

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