Here are some of the things clients have said about us. It gives a flavour of the type of work we do and the way we do it.

"...great value. At the price you charge they're a no-brainer." 

"We had run out of ideas for companies to buy and options were limited in our sector....we were fed up with brokers peddling half-baked ideas...you made us rethink and redefine...You have a deep understanding of the information business.”

“You really do try to split and define markets in the way that we think about them. It’s invaluable.”

“We also appreciate your understanding of information markets that we aren’t in and the parallels you draw to our own.”

“Clear and to the point. Your slide decks are the business.”

“The plan won’t get signed off without a reality check by you.”

“We use your reports for all of our planning and development processes...globally. As far as we’re concerned, they’re the gold standard.”

“This industry needs shaking up. With your help, we’re going to do it.”

“You get it.”

“Your work was very well received on the roadshow.... [You] really helped us to explain our market and our opportunities to investors.”

“For the first time our customer research told us something we didn’t know.”

“You get a great deal of information into those reports. I couldn’t do my job without them.”

“Your contribution is the best part of our Board meetings....it has given us an external focus....I think we function much better as a result.”

“I truly believe that the...division now has a coherent and strategy. The management team is enthused and ready to deliver...”

“We thought that your forecasts were a bit on the low side this year. But you were right, as it turned out.”

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